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Francisco Martínez Senior editor

Working with subtitles is a task that usually requires patience and loads of time. Adding new subtitles, editing existing subtitle streams, synchronizing them with the movie they belong to, fixing time and length errors, etc., is a labor of love that can get to your nerves at times.
That is why it is so important to have a reliable and extremely easy-to-use subtitle editor, such as AHD Subtitles Maker Professional.

After having tried a number of subtitle editors, AHD is the only one that has managed to remain on my desktop for longer than a few hours. Actually, it is there to stay. Firstly, it is an open source app, and hence free for you to use and enhance. Secondly, it comes in an intuitive and simple interface despite the wide range of features provided. And thirdly, the results can be exported to any of the most widely used subtitle file formats.

You can use AHD Subtitles Maker Professional to produce a new subtitle stream from scratch. Simply load the movie you want to add subtitles to and start adding new lines of text at the right times and with the right duration. You can use any font, size, color, and position and align your subtitles as you wish. If you happen to have your subs already typed in a text file, simply import them and synchronize them with the movie. The program can read nearly any text-based file, such as TXT, CSV, or XML, and of course any standard subtitle file format – such as SUB, SCR, ASS, or JSS – and a couple of karaoke lyrics files. However, before typing in all your text lines, I advise you to make use of one of the program’s assets – a search engine that will connect with OpenSubtitles.org and will look for and download existing subtitle files for that specific movie and in the language of your choice.

Regarding the languages, AHD Subtitles Maker Professional can also connect to Google Translate to perform a rough translation of your existing subtitles into any of the languages supported. This may save you a lot of time and trouble, though heavy post-editing and spell checking may be required for some languages.

The program comes with all the tools that you will ever need to edit, fix, correct, and synchronize subtitle streams in a way that is both intuitive and efficient. Besides, the entire application has been designed to work seamlessly with the mouse, making it suitable for all types of users.


  • Create and edit subtitle streams in an intuitive way.
  • Comprehensive video-subtitle synchronization tools.
  • Translates your subtitle streams using Google Translate.
  • Supports all well-known formats.
  • Converts subtitle files between text-based formats.


  • None.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 2.5 MB

What's new in version 5.9

- Added: Prepared Text new feature, ability to prepare a text to be used directly in the subtitle editor window.
- Added: ability to use Hunspell dictionaries files directly if already downloaded, user can just place the downloaded dictionary file(s) (with extension .oxt) in Dictionaries folder.
- Added: ability to drag files to the converter to import directly.
- Added: ability to import file to the converter via command-line.
- Added: ability to import media file via drag-and-drop files into media tab.
- Fixed: bug after editing one subtitle the subtitles data entries never updated.
- Fixed: bug with Spell Check feature when spell-checking a subtitle track and uses (Use always, Ignore) the changes never applied to the subtitles.
- Improved: media player improved using Directshow instead of Windows Media Player ActiveX control.
- Improved: subtitle display in media player, was making problems when attempting to edit also subtitle hides in wrong times.

What's new in version 5.3

- Added: ability to rip subtitles from Matroska (*.mkv) files.
- Added: Player timer option in the settings window that can be used to increase program's performance for low-hardware pcs.
- Added: new options in the settings allow to warn the user if ID3/MKV detected.
- Added: new options in the settings allow to adjust Timeline control.
- Improved: performance increased using optimized control codes.
- Fixed: sometimes the TimeLine control freeze when the user zoom in/out or when adjusting subtitle timings.
- Fixed: when changing media using Change Media menu item, the ID3 not enabled if the media is mp3.

What's new in version 5.1

- Added: new button to import subtitles format directly in quick start dialog
- Added: right to left option in import dialog
- Fixed: encoding search in import subtitles format window (hangs when search for encoding)
- Fixed: timeline magnetic feature when moving more than one subtitle
- Fixed: updater download button (always disabled)
- Improved: the subtitles data control (flashing on refresh)
- Improved: the timeline control auto scroll feature (now is enabled only on media playing to make it easier to scroll when player is stopped)
- Improved: the errors checker control, hang sometimes in auto check.
- Improved: MicroDVD subtitles format: failed to load file if framerate is not presented at the first line of the file and now if the framerate is not presented, the framerate dialog shows up.
- Improved: SubRip subtitles format: now this format fully support html tags of fonts and colors.

What's new in version 4.0

-Added support for subtitle formats:
-Advanced Sub Station Alpha
-Sub Station Alpha
-Final Cut Pro
-Subtitle Editor Project
-Added support for all encondings available in installed Windows version on user pc.
-Added auto detect encoding feature which helps user to choose encoding in export.
-Added auto detect encoding feature in import which detect opened file encoding, also allows user to choose which encoding to use with import.
-Added magnetic feature which helps user to slide start time/end time easily to the current media position (in timeline control).
-Added ability to set the path of the subtitles format in the export window automaticaly and an option to enable/disable this in the settings window.
-Added subtitles Track Template.
-Improvement: code optimized to make the program more stable.
-Improvement: AHD Subtitles Convertor to apply the new encoding features.
-Improvement: Synchronization Tool to apply the new encoding features.
-Fixed: Synchronization Tool fails to synchronize when subtitles format has less than 2 subtitle tracks.
-Fixed: when editing subtitle in TimeLine via mouse double click, the control selects first subtitle and returns to the time of it.

What's new in version 3.1

Professional Edition version

+ Import subtitle tracks from projects ability.
x AHD Subtitles Convertor improved.
x Bugfixed : Name of imported subtitle format on the subtitle tracks list.
x Bugfixed : When insert a subtitle, the subtitle's font is null and the color is 0.
x Bugfixed : The wait Cursor stays when the program fails to import subtitle format or the user press cancel.
x Bugfixed : The media stays of a project to the next opened project if that opened project dosn't have a media or the media is missing.
x Bugfixed : Scroll bar of the subtitle tracks list hides the last one.

Publisher's description

AHD Subtitles Maker is an application that creates subtitles automatically without the need of scripts. Also you can edit subtitles with it using the mouse ! no need to enter numbers, just move the subtitles, stretch them, synchronize them and more..... only with the mouse.

And pluse, you convert between subtitle formats without losing their accuracy.

It is a free comprehensive tool for subtitle editing and creation, with an extensive range of editing options and an impressive list of supported subtitle file formats. Thus, the program allows you to create your own subtitle streams, translate existing ones, or simply change the format of your subtitle file to fit any of the most widely used subtitle editing tools.

The list of editing functions is impressive. You can translate, insert, change, or copy the text of a selected subtitle, and you can move it from one time position to a different one with millisecond precision. You can also empty a subtitle stream from all its texts and replace them with different ones, but preserving original time positions.

It includes an auto encoding detecting feature which help user to choose the right encoding for importing and exporting, also it support all the encodings that your installed Windows® version may support.

AHD Subtitles Maker Supports the most common text-based subtitle formats that can be exported as a single file (but not inside the media file) and can be used in most media players and creation programs. It supports common subtitle formats like Power Divx / DVD Subtitles and more. Also it supports the media files types that your Windows® can support, because it depends on the Windows® media player and its media codec pack that is installed in your system.

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